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Banner Design

Outdoor banners can be extremely powerful in gaining visibility and conveying a message for your brand if they are designed and used properly. Our banner design team will work with you to make the right banner for any specific need. Some of the may include reinforce company brand, trade show booth, conference, store opening, car sale, or hospital informational push. Whatever your need is, you have a team by your side to help you promote your business.

We follow some simple but important steps in our banner design:
Know Your Purpose – Your banner design needs to accomplish your purpose.
The Size – The most important for outdoor vinyl banners is making signs that are easy to read in a few moments. We take into consideration the location where the banner will be displayed, how far it will be from the audience and how long the audience will look at the banner. We plan where the banner will be in relation to your audience and start working from there. With visibility and readability in mind, the banner will achieve your purpose.
Color – Color is another essential aspect of an effective banner design. It draws the eye and increases retention. We choose the best color combinations to make the banner easy to read.
Font – The font we choose will absolutely affect the readability of your banner. A neutral font like Arial or Helvetica will help get the point across quickly and easily.
Brand it – We use your logo and/or special graphics to reinforce your brand.

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